Welcome to the website of the Meat Science Research Group in the Department of Food Technology at the Tandil Campus of the National University of Central Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.


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Find out:
Who we are and what we do



Our publications


Here is a link to our publications. Currently this list shows publications only from 2015 onwards.


Links to selected publications prior to 2015 exist on the current member pages


Our research projects


We have a range of current projects, organised into two main themes:

Meat quality and added value products

Meat and human health


Our teaching activities


We are primarily a research group, but of course we love to share our expertise.  We will post future course offerings here


Our Facilities


We will update this page to share what types of techniques we use and what kinds of instrumentation we use. At the moment, this is under construction



New textbook available 31 March 2017!

"New aspects of Meat Quality" contains contributions from many of the leaders in meat Science. It focuses on modern  consumer perceptions of quality in global markets.

New in 2017 - see our contributions to the International Congresses of Meat Science and Technology at digICoMST

26 of the 33 contributions to ICoMST involving Peter Purslow  between 1984 and 2017 are available on DigICoMST - the digital archive of ICoMST proceedings at






Collaboration is a huge part of how we work.

Click here to see a list of our current and past collaborations.


Want to collaborate with us? - please send a message via the Lets Talk! feature below


Want to engage our services?  -please send a message via the Lets Talk! feature below


Presentations and Videos


Links to slide presentations and videos about our work


Let's talk!
We welcome comments, questions, or proposals for collaboration - just ask!

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